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If Leviathan Project had to choose one issue that is the most important to us, it would be marine mammal captivity.


We chose “Leviathan Project” because leviathan means whale in Modern Hebrew. In the book of Job, God describes the great power of this creature. He uses the leviathan as an example of His power, and to point out man’s inability to dominate His creation.


Fast forward several thousands of years and man now has the ability to dominate God’s most powerful creatures; but just because we can, does that make it right?


In 2013, 181 million people visited AZA (Association of Zoos & Aquariums) accredited aquariums and zoos. Of that number, 24.4 million people visited SeaWorld parks.


In that year, SeaWorld raked in revenue of $1.46 billion.


We will focus mainly on SeaWorld in this section because it is the largest and most profitable facilty of its kind.


SeaWorld spends a lot of their money, A LOT, on convincing us that it is a happy place with happy animals.



Isn’t SeaWorld a great place for Christian families to enjoy some wholesome fun? SeaWorld sure would like you to think so.


SeaWorld targets Christians by showcasing Christian bands at their parks (included in the price of admission).


According to, SeaWorld is a “must see for families vacationing in Orlando.”


When I was a kid in the 80’s, my Christian family took several vacations to SeaWorld. I remember watching the Shamu show and being in awe; thinking it would be amazing to be a SeaWorld trainer.


I even got lost at SeaWorld San Diego when I was 7 years old. A nice employee gave me juice, and sat with me in an office until they found my parents.


As an adult who now knows the horrors of keeping marine mammals in captivity, I am no longer drinking SeaWorld’s juice.


Learning about what was going on at these parks saddened me. The more I learned, the more I wondered how God felt about them.


After reading this page, I hope that you will agree that marine mammal captivity is unequivocally and ethically wrong.


The practices of these facilities are the antithesis of God’s plan for His most magnificent of creatures.

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Marine Mammal Parks

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