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    Most experts that are against marine mammal captivity are not suggesting that these facilities shut their doors, but that they simply change their practices to be more humane and educational.

    Captive breeding programs and shows that force these highly intelligent animals to do silly tricks need to be phased out.

    If you stop giving them your money, places like SeaWorld will be forced to make these changes.




marine mammals in captivity, seaworld sucks, empty the tanks, orcas in captivity, taiji dolphin slaughter

Take Action: Help Marine Mammals in Captivity

  • Seeing marine mammals in person is a magnificent and enriching experience for both children and adults… In the wild.

    While travel to the coast may be expensive for people who live in the middle of the United States, the irony is that two of the three SeaWorld Parks in the US are steps from the ocean, the third just 150 miles away. If you can make it to a SeaWorld, you can choose to go whale watching instead.

    Admission to SeaWorld will run you $84 for adults and $78 for kids. This of course does not include all of the overpriced concessions, and the $22 plush Shamu dolls that you will no doubt have to buy for your kids.

    Whale watching tours can be found on every coast of the United States, and start at just $13 per person. Many offer free passage for children under the age of 12!

    Viewing marine mammals in their natural habitat (where God intended) is a blessing and a humbling experience.

    Most whale watching trips have knowledgeable volunteers on board to educate passengers about marine mammals in their natural habitat.

    Another plus, is that many whale watching charters donate a percentage of their profits to conservation and it's a lot more than .0001%!

    To find a Whale Watching Tour near you visit:

  • Better yet, if you can make your way to Washington State or British Columbia, you can view whales from land at designated Whale Trail spots for free.

    Each Whale Trail viewing area has an informative sign about the marine mammals in the area.

    Not only is this option free, it’s very green, as there are no boats needed.

    If you still want to be out on a boat to whale watch, Washington State ferries have teamed up with Whale Trails to provide two informative signs on every ferry.  The information and possible encounter with marine mammals is free with your ferry fare.

    For more information check out:


  • If you live in a state with an aquarium with captive marine mammals, you as a consumer and tax paying citizen can make a difference.

    Contact the aquarium by phone, letter, or email letting them know that you will not support them until they change their business model and phase out marine mammal shows and breeding.

    Also contact heads of your local government, mayors, senators, assemblymen, etc., to ask that legislation be put in place to shut down these facilities.

    You can also join existing (or start your own) local petitions and protests to raise awareness within your community.



marine mammals in captivity, seaworld sucks, empty the tanks, orcas in captivity, taiji dolphin slaughter
marine mammals in captivity, seaworld sucks, empty the tanks, orcas in captivity, taiji dolphin slaughter

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