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Take a moment to think about how many different products you use. If you are a woman (with the addition of cosmetics) the number is probably in the hundreds.


Now take a moment to imagine all of the animals that needlessly died and suffered for these products.


It is understandable that it can be difficult to go 100% cruelty-free but switching one product here and one product there will make a huge difference in the lives of countless animals.


As you buy replacements for your products, consider products that are cruelty-free.


Isn't it awesome that something as minor as switching your shampoo to protect animals is a great way to serve God?


When you shop be sure that the product has the certified leaping bunny symbol.


Click on this link for a complete list of cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care, household and animal care products:











Here are just a few cruelty-free companies that I personally love:


Urban Decay – This cosmetics company is 100% cruelty-free. They have stuck with their policy and do not sell their products in countries that require animal testing. They are my absolute favorite makeup company!


Lush – Lush is another of my favorite cosmetics companies. Not only is Lush cruelty-free, they fight animal testing by funding lobbying, public awareness and research. Lush is also very environmentally conscious and all of their products are handmade. They make just about everything from shampoo to perfume and their bath bombs are my personal favorite.


Wet n Wild – If you are looking for cosmetics on the cheap, Wet n Wild is a wonderful cruelty-free brand available at most drug stores. I love nail polish and it can be really hard to find brands that don’t test on animals. I thought Wet n Wild nail polish would be low quality but it lasts longer than most $30 department store polishes I have tried in the past. Most Wet n Wild nail polishes cost less than $2!



Burt’s Bees – Another favorite of mine for bath and body products. They do not test on animals and their products are conveniently available at most drug stores in the US.



Tom’s of Maine – This is a great cruelty-free option for oral care products, and they also make great soap. Tom’s of Maine can be found at most drug stores.




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Other Ways to Help:


  • Does your favorite company test on animals? Write them a letter. I wrote letters to all of my (formerly) favorite companies asking them to stop animal testing. If enough letters are received, these companies will change their policies.


  • Spread the word because knowledge leads to action. It has been immensely rewarding seeing my friends and family switch to cruelty-free products.


  • Write to your representatives in Congress and ask that animal testing on cosmetics and household products be made illegal. Demand that all species of animals used in medical testing be covered under the Animal Welfare Act and that more funding be allocated to the research of animal testing alternatives.


Please be sure to follow Leviathan Project on Twitter and Facebook for current information on this issue and up-to-date ways to get involved:


Take Action: Help Stop Needless Animal Testing

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