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The Leviathan Project is a Christian Animal Protection Project. We are warriors for God’s creation.


Our mission is to preserve and protect God’s creation by creating awareness, motivating action, and inspiring change in the spirit of God’s love.


It is our hope that this website will motivate the following
positive choices


  • Making humane and sustainable food choices and opposing factory farming.

  • Supporting the conservation of God’s creatures; not their imprisonment.

  • Avoiding purchasing products that use unnecessary animal testing.

  • Being responsible pet owners, and helping to make a change in the current pet population crisis.

  • Choosing humane alternatives to animal furs and skins used for clothing.



Should Christians care about animals?


As Christians we are told in the Bible that our first priority should be ministry and evangelism to further the Kingdom of God. This does not mean that there isn’t any room to accept the other responsibilities that God has charged us with.


We encourage you to start with WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS to learn about God’s love for his creation, and the responsibility we have been given to protect it.


About Leviathan Project


Jillian Barnhart - Creator/Founder


Hello. Thank you for visiting Leviathan Project. I am Jillian Barnhart, a Christian, a photographer and a writer based in the Pacific Northwest.


The “animal rights” movement has always been dominated by extremist organizations. Their radical views and unethical actions have been a deterrent for Christians.


To my disappointment, I found that there were very few resources or organizations for Christians interested in animal welfare. I wanted to get involved, but in a way that would honor God.


In 2013, the Lord led me to start Leviathan Project. My hope is that this website will inform and inspire Christians to defend and care for God’s creation. Welcome, warriors for God’s creation!  

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