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Leviathan project does not encourage supporting zoos. Your money can go a lot further supporting organizations and preserves that keep animals in the wild, protect them from extinction, euthanasia, abuse, and cages.


If you still feel after reading this that you can’t give up your family visits to the zoo, please at least consider helping in the following ways:


  • Not all zoos are created equal. Contact your local zoo and request details on their conservation, research, reintroduction, and field research programs.
    Ask them how much of your money actually goes towards the conservation of the animals.
    A good zoo with these types of programs in place will be happy to provide you with information.
    If your zoo gives little or nothing to conservation, you should consider letting them know that you will no longer support them until they step up their efforts.


  • Research where surplus animals from your local zoo have gone in the past and in the present.
    If your zoo has a history of selling surplus animals to exotic animal dealers or hunting ranches, tell them that you will not support such practices.


  • If you observe an animal at your zoo displaying “zoochosis” type behaviors, speak to a staff member about it.
    Many times these behaviors can be curbed by providing the animal with a larger enclosure or different types of enrichment. If no one speaks up about it, it is doubtful that a zoo will voluntarily spend the money to correct it.


  • Ask your local zoo to phase out the display of sentient, self-aware animals; like great apes and elephants.
    These animals have a particularly hard time adjusting to captivity, and almost always die prematurely (especially elephants).
    Many zoos around the world no longer keep elephants in captivity.


  • If a human is injured or killed, or there is a suspicious animal death at your local zoo, demand answers and solutions. Don’t let the incident be quickly brushed aside and ignored.

  • Never visit unaccredited roadside zoos, circuses, or own an exotic pet.
    If you know someone who keeps or sells exotic animals as pets, report it to the appropriate animal control agency immediately.

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Take Action: Help Animals in Zoos

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