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Leviathan Project values and respects vegan and vegetarian diets, however we believe that pushing such diets on Christians is impractical since God gave His people permission to eat meat (for more info check out Animals for Food).


While eating meat can be morally justifiable for Christians, the inhumane and unnecessary killing of animals is not.


If Christians are allowed to kill animals for their meat, why shouldn’t we wear animal skin and fur as clothing? Aren’t skins and furs simply by-products of animals that were killed for food?


Unfortunately, the fact is that most of our animal-derived clothing not only comes from tortured and suffering animals, but much of it comes from animals that are killed solely for their skin or fur. The rest of the animal is discarded and wasted.


In many cases it is impossible to identify the origin of animal furs and skins sold in the United States, therefore these products cannot be deemed ethical.



Statistics on animals killed SOLEY for the clothing industry:

  • 50 million wild animals are raised and killed on fur farms globally every year, 25 million in the US alone.

  • 10 million animals are trapped and killed in the wild for their fur annually.

  • 1 billion rabbits are killed annually for their pelts.

  • 2 million cats and dogs are killed for their fur and skin each year in China, deliberately mislabeled as other species and exported to the United States and sold in retail stores.

  • Globally close to 900,000 seals are killed for their fur every year, 400,000 in Canada alone. Around 98% of these seals are less than 3 months old when they are killed.

  • India produces 43 million pieces of cow hides for leather each year. Many of the cows are killed exclusively for their skin and the rest of the animal is wasted.

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Animals for Clothing

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